Goodnight my love remember me as you fall to sleep. Fill your pockets with the dust and the memories rises from the shoes on my feet. I won't be back here, though we may meet again.
Swanwound Odile, by Federica Aulenta

Swanwound is a typeface representing the dichotomy between good and evil. The two weights are Odile and Odette, which share the same structure embodying two different personalities. Odile represents evilness and corruption whilst Odette symbolises purity and goodness. Odette is a (nearly) sans-serif where white prevails on black, Odile is blacker and has a high contrast. On the other hand, in Odile there are broken lines, whereas in Odette there are smooth curves. If you want to buy it send me an email to federica.aulenta@gmail.com

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