An Easter Egg is an intentionally hidden joke and reference found in media that is meant be found by and entertain the audience. These references are generally hidden for a specific audience inside a broad piece of work, acting as a type of inside joke.šŸ‘Œ
Sneaky, by Jules Durand

Sneaky Times is an inside joke font, a reworked version of Times New Roman by Stanley Morison with a recurrent easter egg.
The tiny hand doing a circle represents a famous trickery game. Invented in 80s by a kid in elementary school as a way to punch his friends, it was popularized thanks to an episode of Malcolm in the Middle and quickly spread 'till it became an internet meme. So this Circle Game can happen anywhere, (not an alt right reference at all šŸ˜”) even in font, and here it is!
A new italic version is on the making, wait for it!

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