“Signs of life” are measuring the cosmos of experience! In a timeframe spanning from 1972 to 1979 Wolfgang Schmid finished 262 out of 893 planned signs.
G2 Kosmos, by Audretsch

G2 Kosmos is a modernistic monoline typeface. It’s simple shapes follow a geometric grid, but don't hesitate to break free to form better flowing and smoother letters. The grid is the same one artist and designer Wolfgang Schmidt used for his Lebenszeichen («signs of life»). This system of signs was developed to “measure the entire cosmos of his emotions and experiences”.

The typeface’s first incarnation was drawn as part of the 2019 diploma project by Maxim Weirich surrounding the Lebenszeichen. More Information on them can be found on the Gruppo Due website.

For the wider release, G2 Kosmos has been revamped and redrawn from the original design for better usability. We have also added an extended cut. As a throwback to the original design we have included alternative characters that still follow the grid in a more rigid manner.

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We are Bruno, Moritz, Jonas and Massimiliano – four friends that are also working together in the wider field of graphic and web design. We just launched our most recent venture and collaborative project Gruppo Due an online platform and foundry offering typefaces for retail use. With Gruppo Due we aim to progressively finalise, rethink and release selected type designs and make them available for wider public. Our typefaces originally evolved from the context of our praxis as graphic designers. Often we would find ourselves designing a font to suit a projects specific need.